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What our customers are saying

  • Morten Harper

    Good products, good service

    I only have good things to say about shavesafe. Good customer service, good products and fair prices.

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  • Saf Hayat

    Shavesafe is a 5 star product

    It has been a pleasure using shavesafe. And most importantly, it works! The product does what it says it does and is reliable.

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  • Camilla Christensen

    Great product, but expensive
    I have also jumped on the ShaveSafe wagon. It is a great product and works just like it should. Only con is the price! It is a lot of money to pay for shaving cream, and in the long run I won't have room for it in my budget.

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  • Ása Martina Martin

    Shavesafe for perfect safe shaving -and it works!

    I started using shavesafe after my friend recommended it, and I gotta say, I'm surprised by the results. I have no complaints, only praise, and where the comment below is concerned about the price I would rather have skip a couple of café lattes and then be able to afford 6 months of shavesafe usage, cause that is how long my last bottle lasted.

    Furthermore i think Shavesafe offers a great service, and the product is delivered to my doorstep.

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